Ukrainian Medoff Classic Vodka 1L 购买在 香港特别行政区
    Ukrainian Medoff Classic Vodka 1L 购买在 香港特别行政区
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    Ukrainian Medoff Classic Vodka 1L 购买在 香港特别行政区
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    • 牌子Medoff
    • 生产国乌克兰
    • 味道經典
    •  量1 升
    • 饮料浓度40 % alc. vol.

    MEDOFF – 

    Exceptional Smoothness


    Medoff Classic

    Most popular classical vodka. Based on natural pollen with a delicate taste.


    To be courageous, to be strong, to see your goal. In the world of power, there is no room for mistake, no chance to go back in time, every day you become stronger. Stop. Seize the moment, look around and realize that this world will become a better place with a touch of your mildness and your strong protection.


    We designed new Medoff with the help of fines British professionals for the maximum level of counterfeit security.

    New Medoff contain large number of hard to replicate elements on the labels and the bottle. And the most valuable innovation is our сap that allows uncompromising level of security for the unique softness of Medoff vodka.



    MATERIAL & DESIGN – high quality glass and accurately designed bottle proportions to deliver excellent user experience.

    SMOOTH LINES above and below are the borders to protect label from damage to maintain a perfect look.

    MEDOFF EMBLEM - on the back of the bottle with large number of small elements for better security.

    BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE - made of thick glass for better stability on the table.



    Special soft classic taste of Medoff vodka achieved thanks to unique filter technique “Honey Rain”. The taste of the drink matures in interaction with honey, which considered as the best natural filter.


    The secret of Medoff softness for a long time kept privately by British spirit producers. Back in 1902, first successful experiments with alcohol and honey distillation was held. Thanks to Medoff special secret taste realized in classic Medoff vodka recipe.


     "Honey Rain" filtration principle allows naturally deprive vodka from heavy components. Refining in the system consisting of ten levels delivers a completely clean and mild alcohol.


    Medoff vodka additional purification with silver makes it crystal clear and preserving it`s consistently high quality and clean taste.

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